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A Neighbor Who Cares

This section of our Web site is devoted to you, our neighbors and friends, and to all the people who care, as we do, about the safeguarding of our health and the health of our planet.

We hope to provide you comprehensive and valuable information about the following topics:

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What makes a good neighbor? At ASHTA, we believe it’s about people who care about the community, who are mindful of the needs of everyone living there, and who are willing to take responsibility for making it a better place to live. In our case, it is also people who are passionate about the environment and deeply committed to safeguarding our air, water supply, and plant and animal habitats.

Our people not only work here…we live here. We have our homes here; our children go to school here; our families gather here. That’s why we care so deeply about the health and wellbeing of this community and the protection of the environment which we all share.

We take our responsibility to this community, and to the greater world we serve with our products, very seriously. We want you, our neighbors, and the entire community to know precisely what we are doing to protect the health and safety of our environment and to fully understand the truth about the products and by-products we produce.