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Chloropicrin (ASHTA Gold™)

Chloropicrin is a soil fumigant and fungicide, used to protect crops by eliminating soil-borne pests and diseases. Key crop applications are strawberries, potatoes, tobacco, melons and several other fruits. Chloropicrin is blended with methyl bromide or dichloropropene and sold directly to growers or to local distributors for ultimate application. Shipments are made in bulk via tank car, truck and cylinder.

Safety data for chloropicrin
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(Trichloronitromethane - CCl3NO2)

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Reference Methods
Chloropicrin %
99.0 Min.
ASTM: E 516-74
(1981) (AM-KP22)
Water ppm
50 Max.
ASTM: E 516-74
(1981) (AM-KP23)
Acidity ppm
(as HCI)
25 Max.
SMEWW 2310 B-92
Color APHA
SMEWW 2120 B-92

CAS Registry Number: 76-06-2

EPA Registration No. 62531-1 Chloropicrin

                      62531-2 ASHTA Gold

Date of last revision: February 21, 2017