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The Benefits ASHTA Brings To The Community


We have, and will continue to be, a robust and responsible employer with deep roots in the community. We employ about 100 people with skilled, high-paying jobs that directly and positively impact our local economy and regions around the country. We recruit the best and brightest chemical engineers and operators and provide unmatched training in all aspects of our business. Our presence in Northeast Ohio, coupled with our regional distribution networks contributes to hundreds of well-paying jobs for transportation, warehousing, distribution, and customer sales and support.


Our production and distribution of chlorine and potassium products impacts the economy in a myriad of ways. ASHTA’s products are essential enablers of a huge cross-section of industries including agriculture, health, heavy manufacturing, transportation, consumer products, industrial engineering, chemical processing, and bioengineering. Our product supports thousands of skilled jobs and diverse companies throughout the US.

We understand the magnitude and importance of our mission and will do everything in our power to ensure this essential product is delivered safely and in a timely manner to all our customers when and where they need it…every time.

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Our Contribution

As a good neighbor, we have a duty to play a vital and important role in our community. We are very aware of the valuable contribution we bring both to the people who live here and to the larger economy. We are cognizant of the enormous benefits we deliver in terms of essential products, good jobs, and positive impact upon the economy. As integral members of this community, we also actively support community-based programs such as the United Way.

Essential Products

You may be unaware that the products we produce are integral components of your everyday life. We primarily manufacture and distribute chlorine and potassium hydroxide (KOH) both inorganic compounds with a wide range of applications and end uses. Chlorine and KOH are crucial components of hundreds of compounds used for critical industrial applications and processes that vitally impact our economy. Chlorine and KOH are also essential ingredients in or building blocks for thousands of indispensable products in everyday use in our homes and communities for cleanliness, health, and well-being.

The uses of chlorine and KOH are far too vast to enumerate. But their enormous benefits touch our lives every day. They impact the food we eat; the pharmaceuticals our doctors prescribe or recommend, the medical procedures we undergo; the cleaning products that sanitize our homes and workplaces; the fuels that power our machinery; the paper we read and write upon; the clothes we wear; the utensils we use; and the toys our children delight in.

Chlorine and KOH are essential elements in our lives and we are proud to be a supplier of these important products to the marketplace.