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What We Are Doing To Protect The Environment


As you can imagine, the health, wellbeing, and safety of our people is one of our highest priorities. We employ a rigorous health and safety program for our employees per OSHA guidelines. All of our employees and contractors are trained to adhere to the policies and practices of our Mercury Control Program. The program describes the health effects of mercury, pathways of exposure, control of exposures and exposure prevention, respiratory protection, industrial hygiene surveys, vapor monitoring surveys, urine monitoring, housekeeping procedures, contamination control, and disposal of mercury contaminated wastes. Our people are so attuned to these practices it has become second nature for them to watch out for their own well being as well as that of their fellow workers.

Track Record

We want you to know that we have never experienced a mercury related health claim from one of our employees, their spouses, or children due to exposure to mercury at our facility.

These employees work in close proximity to the very process that some claim is the source of mercury escaping to the environment.

There has also never been any claim or evidence of any kind of ill effects of or from mercury in the surrounding community or its residents.

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Our Commitment

You simply have to look at our track record to know how committed we are to the environment. We have an excellent environmental, health and safety record and a long history of cooperating fully with regulatory agencies and complying with the permits and regulations that govern our site. We are constantly working to improve our quantity of point source emissions through the application of advanced technologies and methods as they become available to us.

Systems and Processes

We are extremely proud of the extraordinary measures we take to control our mercury emissions at our facility. We measure all point source emissions using today’s best available technology. We control fugitive emissions under the NESHAP MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) regulations established by the USEPA. In fact, ASHTA far exceeds the MACT requirements as a result of fugitive emissions control projects that have been completed at its facility since 2006. Also, each year we report all emissions to the air and in solid wastes to the US and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies.

Additionally, we have long been a “zero discharge” facility with regard to process waters and storm waters emanating from our process areas. Essentially, no water generated in our manufacturing process or water that falls on the process area is discharged into any lakes or waterways. Furthermore, we take the extra precautionary step of collecting the rainwater that falls on our process areas, treating the water, and re-using it in our manufacturing process.