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Employment Opportunities

Our wide range of employee services, retirement, health and other benefit plans are designed to help eligible employees make the best decisions for themselves, their family, and their lifestyle. ASHTA maintains a liberal profit sharing program, and offers a match of up to 50% on 401K savings. Management also encourages good health for its employees, making available a variety of wellness programs such as annual no-cost flu shots, annual CPR and AED courses taught by the American Red Cross, and reimbursement for membership at local health clubs.

ASHTA’s generous portfolio of work/life programs are intended to help you and your family manage stress, take care of yourself, and balance your life, both on and off the job.

A Culture of Safety

ASHTA’s top priority is the safety of its employees. ASHTA is extremely safety-conscious and goes to great effort and expense to actively nurture a culture of safety for all of its employees – from those who have desk jobs to those who load our products into trucks and railcars.

New employees can count on safety indoctrination training as the first order of business on their first day on the job and a continual, non-stop emphasis on safety throughout their entire tenure. Mandatory web-based training courses are designed to not only keep the employee up to date on the latest safety procedures, equipment and guidelines, but also to assure that the training is effective and is administered at regular intervals throughout the year.

In 2009, ASHTA passed 1,000,000 man-hours worked without an OSHA recordable incident, a period of safe work that spanned more than 5 calendar years.

A Culture of Cooperation

We consistently strive to foster a culture of cooperation, camaraderie, and concern for others.

The employees at ASHTA enjoy each other’s company, and work hand-in-hand to do good things for ASHTA, the community, ourselves, and our families.

As examples of this, we celebrate our many successes with awards, prizes, postings and company-wide activities. We organize events designed for the enjoyment of our employee’s families and children. We make generous contributions to local charities. ASHTA’s employees always “adopt” local, underprivileged children each holiday season, and through their individual generosity insure that the holiday season is a little brighter for these children.

ASHTA is not only a great place to work; it’s a great place to work together.

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ASHTA is a company of dedicated individuals. New employees to ASHTA can expect to join a hard working, conscientious group of people who are committed to continual improvement in the pursuit of producing very important, safe and useful products.

We work hard here at ASHTA, but we also find ways to make it enjoyable and rewarding.

A Culture of Opportunity

ASHTA offers all of their employees the opportunity for a truly rewarding and fulfilling career.

Our culture is all about providing everyone who works here with the opportunity to exercise their full array of talents including their acquired knowledge, leadership skills, ingenuity, and creativity while growing themselves, their career, and our business.

A Culture of Recognition

We value our people at ASHTA, and that commitment is ingrained in our culture. We work hard to ensure that our people are stationed in the right jobs; spend time on the right things; are managed well; take pride in their contributions; and fully utilize their skills as they develop new ones. We know that when properly trained, motivated and rewarded, our employees will “do right” for themselves, the community and our customers, all of which helps achieve great business results for the Company.

A Culture of Continuous Learning

Attracting and retaining exceptional people is critical to our continued growth and success. We believe in investing in our employees by providing everything from a rigorous internal training program, to a “Pay for Knowledge” system of training and compensation, to external professional development. ASHTA maintains a culture of continuous learning, thoughtfully designed to enable team members to grow their personal capabilities and reach their full potential.

ASHTA is particularly proud of its comprehensive “Pay for Knowledge” training program. The program ensures that its employees fully understand the requirements of the job and what is expected of them. Many of the supervisors and managers began their tenure in non-supervisory capacities and were promoted to their current levels as they were able to demonstrate ability and aptitude.

We invest in your future, provide access to experienced colleagues, and give you the opportunities to work with intelligent, dedicated people, challenge yourself, and grow.

A Culture of Reward

At ASHTA, compensation is targeted to be competitive with other employers in the marketplace seeking high-caliber talent. In addition, we have a catalog of impressive employee benefits that reflects the priorities of our people and allows them to balance work and family obligations.